At Vince's Tree, we take the passion for trees "full circle" by treating, drying, and planing fallen trees and repurposing them into custom wood furniture.

We've built tables, chairs, porch swings, collapsible end tables, and more. We've even designed commemorative boards from trees on the owner's property that honored a family member, and is now a family heirloom.

Looking to spruce up your home or cabin with an authentic Northwoods look and feel? Call Vince's Tree to build you a unique, one-of-a-kind custom furniture piece or tribute.

While we build our own furniture from the trees we harvest, we've also partnered with an Amish company called Countryside Cedar Products.

Specialty Amish Furniture

We're pleased to announce that we will now begin stocking specialty Amish built furniture from Countryside Cedar Products from the Ozarks of Missouri!

Planters, bird feeders, benches, rustic posts, and wood ornamental signs.

* Click on each photo to get a close-up view, and call Vince's Tree to order directly at (218) 820-7108

Custom Wood Furniture from Vince's Tree

Black Walnut

Red Cedar Collapsible End Table

Planing Black Walnut Boards

Silver Maple Collapsible End Table

Slabwood Available For Firewood

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