If you're looking for tree planting in the Brainerd, Baxter & Crosslake, MN areas, give us a call. Our experienced arborists and landscapers will help you choose the right trees for your property and make the tree planing process easy for you. A lot more goes into planting trees than most people realize, so let us help you to make sure that you're able to get the most out of your trees for years to come. Here are a few factors we'll help with when it comes to tree planingĀ in Minnesota.

Location, Location, Location
Where you place your new trees will make a big difference down the road once they start getting big. Our experts know how big the tree itself will be, and how their root system will spread. Knowing the height and width of the mature tree will allow you to plant it somewhere that it won't interfere with power lines or any structures on your property, and knowing about the root system will prevent future damage to cement and building foundations.

Nearby Trees
Most people may not realize this, but not all trees grow well together. Sometimes the problem is simply with differences in soil requirements, and sometimes it's because one tree may be a carrier for different pests that can severely damage its neighbor. That's why we look around at the other trees in the area before giving our recommendations on what types of trees you should be planting.

Types of Trees Available
There are a number of types of trees that grow well in Minnesota that we can plant for you. The most popular types of trees include various types of elm trees, ash trees, hickory trees, cherry trees, maple trees, oak trees, basswood trees, cottonwood trees, fir trees, spruce trees, cedar trees, and pine trees. With all of these available to you, you can rest assured that you will be able to find the perfect tree for your yard.