Pruning trees refers to the removal of dead or unnecessary branches. It's primarily done for the health of trees. Pruning allows your trees to focus their energy and nutrients on healthy branches, making them stronger and lusher. Because tree pruning involves the careful removal only of dead branches, it must be left to an expert, which is where we come in. At Vince's Tree in Brainerd, Baxter & Crosslake, MN, we're tree care experts and we can make sure all of your landscape trees are pruned so they can grow strong and healthy.

When Should Tree Pruning be Done?
We recommend that you hire us to prune your trees once per year. The best time to prune trees is during the late spring and summer growth times. This allows us to better recognize which branches are dead and therefore should be pruned. It is also healthier for the tree to remove these dead branches during the growing season.

How Can Pruning Help?
Pruning trees is a great way to keep your trees in their best health. Specifically, it can help with a number of oak tree diseases including oak wilt, Dutch Elm's disease, black vine weevil, and other tree bugs that may have infected your tree. Sometimes, these and other tree diseases can be cured simply by pruning off the infected parts of the plants. Pruning also helps prevent tree bugs and diseases from spreading to nearby healthy trees.

How much does it cost for Tree Pruning?
With Vince's Tree Services, you don't have to worry about high tree pruning costs. We make sure our tree pruning prices are affordable for everyone. That way, everybody can enjoy the types of tree pruning that they need, whether it's for the overall health of a tree or to combat a specific problem you're having. Contact us today for a free custom quote to find out exactly how much the cost of our individual tree services will be for you.