EMERALD ASH BORER TREATMENT | Brainerd, Baxter & Crosslake, MN

EMERALD ASH BORER TREATMENT | Brainerd, Baxter & Crosslake, MN

If you need emerald ash borer treatment in Minnesota, then give Vince's Tree a call. We're equipped with the best equipment and systemic insecticides available to get your ash trees back to full health. If you're not sure what's wrong with your ash tree, our tree service arborists can come out and diagnose your landscape trees to find out which ash tree disease or tree bugs they're having problems with.

Emerald Ash Borer Symptoms
These are some of the most common ash borer symptoms to be looking for if you have any ash trees in Minnesota. If you suspect your trees of being infested, please consult us to confirm the diagnosis and create a treatment plan.

Crown dieback happens after several years of infestation. You may notice the upper branches to begin dying, at the top first and then further down on the tree. The leaves will be discolored and thin because they're not getting enough water and nutrients.

Epicormic sprouting refers to trees sprouting new branches in unusual places. With ash borer infestations, they will often try to sprout new branches near the bottom of the trunk, which is lower than where the larvae are feeding.

Woodpeckers feeding regularly on your ash trees, especially near the top, is another ash borer symptom because these birds love to feed on the larvae that are present right below the bark. If you don't actually see the woodpeckers, you may also notice "flecking," a type of damage done by woodpeckers where strips of bark appear to have been pulled from the tree.

Exit holes where the larvae emerge from the tree bark are about 1/8 of an inch wide and are in a "D" shape. Other types of tree bugs will leave other types of exit holes, but this shape is unique to the emerald ash borer.

Emerald Ash Borer Treatment Plan
We recommend allowing us to treat your ash trees with a systemic insecticide every spring to keep them safe from ash borer infestations. If your tree is already infected, we may need to perform several treatments throughout the year until things are under control. Depending on the amount of damage done by these pests, we may also recommend pruning your tree to improve their health or complete tree removal.

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