Tree trimming and tree pruning differ in that trimming typically involves the removal of healthy branches and the purpose is more for maintaining the overall shape of the tree as opposed to the health. In addition to tree trimming being performed on landscape trees for the sake of keeping them looking a certain way, this is also done to protect people or buildings from branches that are growing over walkways or too close to power lines or buildings.

When Should Trees be Trimmed?
Tree trimming can happen any time of the year when facing an emergency situation in which a tree is growing too close to something it shouldn't be, but it's best if it's done during the winter when the tree is in a dormant state. While trees are dormant, they are relying on stored energy to survive rather than the energy they're getting from branches that may be removed. Young trees, however, may need to be trimmed throughout the year if you want them to be trained to grow a certain way. When it is a young tree you're working with, you have to be especially careful while trimming its delicate branches. Again, for the long term health of your tree, it's best to call the tree care experts at Vince's Tree.

Types of Tree Trimming Services
Trimming trees have a variety of styles, and each has a different purpose:

  • Fine trimming involves the removal of small branches and is meant to help improve the overall appearance of the tree.
  • Standard trimming removes larger branches and is meant to improve the structure of the tree branches.
  • Hazard trimming prevents trees from becoming a danger. You may need to do this if you have a landscape tree growing too close to structures such as fences, houses, garages, or other buildings, or if your branches are hanging too close to a walkway.
  • Crown reduction trimming means removing large portions of the top portions of a tree. This is most often done as hazard trimming when a tree is getting too close to overhead power lines, or if a tree has been significantly damaged during a storm or because of a tree disease.

How Much Does Tree Trimming Cost?
‚ÄčThe cost of tree trimming varies depending on what type of trimming needs to be done. We always keep our tree trimming costs as low as possible so everybody can have beautiful and healthy trees, whether you are a homeowner or have a commercial business. If you have more questions about how much is tree trimming for you, please give us a call for a free quote!